Schedule ran, but does not show up in history!

I have a fixed schedule that ran on 10/30, but it does not show up in history. It showed up on the watering schedule day as being run (and I physically saw it run), but the run does not show up on the watering history or the water usage sections (not on app or on website). This schedule ran 6 zones and used quite a bit of water, so why is it not showing up? Is it because there was a scheduling update pushed that changed the run times for that schedule and that somehow caused the scheduled run data to get lost?

If I can’t rely on the app to tell me when the sprinklers really ran, what good is it???

First off, I think I dig your name, can you break it down phonetically with dashes?

I had a similar issue but it was because my device had a bad connection (neighbor brought up new wifi router and the signal to noise ratio jumped) so the device was running the last schedule it received (fixed schedule) but not reporting back (Ping analysis showed the connection was almost non existent). Once I switched my wifi over to a cleaner channel the watering events showed up. Maybe not your problem, for me I run unifis so there was and audit log on a central server that helped corabarated this issue (else I would have never thought to check if that device was reachable over the network).

Now I’m running flex, so the problem would manifest with the symptom of skipping the run.

Rachio will also send an email saying your unit is off line as well, so I’m assuming that it might be reporting back?

@moronoron, thanks for reaching out. As @plainsane mentioned, if the Iro was offline when the schedule ran, then the watering events would not report to the activity feed. Looking at your Iro’s connectivity history, your device did go offline on 10/30. This can happen on occasion. If the activity continues, we might want to troubleshoot further.

Looking at your account history, the last update took place Friday, October 30 @ 07:17 PM, but your schedule is currently setup to run at 10a on Fridays. Did it have a different start time before that edit?

Let me know your thoughts and we’ll figure this out.

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So it doesn’t upload the fact that it ran while offline when it gets back online? This skews the data big time for how much water is used and everything else. How can this be?

Also, why can’t we see the online history on the app (or website)?

I did not receive an e-mail stating that my Iro was offline for any of the times you posted in my history. Am I supposed to be alerted when you lose my Iro connectivity?

If it doesn’t upload the activities that occurred while offline, this seems like a pretty big bug.

I can add some more context here. Your device went offline about 4:30PM on the 29th. We do actually store or buffer irrigation events when the device disconnects from WiFi and is able to reconnect. I believe in your case the device disconnected from WiFi and after 23 hours of being offline the device will reboot itself to force a reconnect to WiFi.

When a device is rebooted we do lose the buffered irrigation data since it is not placed into permanent storage on the device. The reboot is a last ditch attempt to force the Iro back online, which in this case it looked like it worked. This is normally not needed since most devices reconnect within a few minutes.

If the Iro is offline for at least 24 hours you will receive an email at roughly 1am (that’s when the job runs) to let you know the device is offline. Your device came back online at 11:43PM on the 30th, hence no email.

We do show when a device is power cycled but do not show WiFi connects/re-connects since it would be a lot of noise. We actually did try exposing them and our support team spent all their time answering questions regarding that data.

Like I stated above in most cases this data does get sent to the cloud. Your device did go offline for quite some time hence no data. We try to cover these scenarios but there are some that we just don’t handle at the moment. In general your device looks like it is staying online. If you do see issues regarding offline our support team has a few tricks that could help. I don’t know what kind of router you have but a newer router goes a long way to helping with connectivity.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for all the info. If the Iro goes offline, is there any way to try to get it to reconnect without power cycling? I did reboot my router that day and apparently the Iro didn’t reconnect on its own (without rebooting).

Was this a firmware upgrade? Sometimes the bssid will change when this happens and as a result, some wifi stacks will not auto (re)connect as they view it ssid as a duplicate because the bssid doesn’t match. iOS had this behavior for quite some time and my laptop driver under Linux does this as well (before I found the option to control that).

For the rachio guys, any chance of an Ethernet port on future models? Eop (Ethernet over power) can provide an effictive long range option without a customer needing to drag cat 5/6 through the walls…

Nope, just a regular reboot. The Iro is on the other side of the wall from the router, and I always have super sting wi-if signals on my phone where the Iro is. I have no idea why the Iro never reconnected while everything in my house did so immediately.

@moronoron, We might need to check your router settings; do you happen to know what channel your 2.4 ghz WiFi network is setup on? I assume your 5 ghz and 2.4 ghz networks have different SSIDs?

No, sorry. There are some other controller’s that offer this type of network configuration, but we’re sticking to WiFi :smile:

@moronoron, pending how strong the signal is, this could be throwing the Iro offline. Similar to a speaker, if you’re too close to it you cannot understand the sound (despite being to hear it). A simple test would be to move the front panel to another room that’s further away from the router. If you do this for 24-48 hours, we can pull your data logs and see if it’s going offline.

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Continuing the discussion from Schedule ran, but does not show up in history!:

It’s on channel 6. I can try a different, non-crowded channel though to see if that helps.

Instead other side of the wall, I really should have said across the garage, then on the other side of that wall. So ~22 feet away going through one wall.

Thanks for all the help. I will try a different channel and/or moving the faceplate tonight or Saturday.

I’d recommend giving channel 1 or 11 a try.

I just pulled your WiFi signal strength: rssi -48. This is a VERY strong signal. It might be worth moving the front panel to a different room, maybe 40-50 feet away before changing your WiFi settings.