Schedule ran after raining - phx

already submitted a ticket for this but said up to 48-hour response.

I checked the rachio app 2/14 after we had some rain and both of my zones had 110% soil moisture with no scheduled runs. I wake up this morning 2/15 and my backyard zone ran and is now pretty soaked. The app now shows 96% soil moisture back and 48% front soil moisture. Any idea what the heck happened? I have it set to warm/summer grass in the back and shrubs in the front with flex daily, smart cycle and weather intelligence on.

Can you post a screenshot of your moisture graph with “more detail” opened up?

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I am going to try changing the weather station. The soil moisture on the zone screens were 110% last night while it was raining then somehow changed overnight.

You were probably seeing forecast data last night, but the pws you are using has registered very little rain (probably in need of maintenance) and watered based on what was measured, rather then what was forecast.

I agree with Gene. Forecast showed I was supposed to get well over .5" of rain, but weather stations near me only reported a little over .25".

I’d bet you had more rain than that PWS reported, so I’d check others and see what their rain totals were and see if they matched closer to what you think you recieved.

In my case, I was scheduled to run on 2/6, rain that day was projected to be 1-3" (San Diego I know, Right), soil moisture was over 80%

I went ahead and skipped it

Contacted support via email, response was “Flex Daily schedules water based on the Soil Moisture level it has on file for the zones. If the rain that is predicted is recorded and reported in the weather check it does everyday, it may not water because the Soil Moisture levels will be raised based on how much precipitation is reported.”

Not sure why 1-3 inches wouldn’t have skipped the watering

Yes the app is not perfect, it just means we still need to monitor it when we know rain/watering schedules are on their way