Schedule not running

New user for 1 week with Gen 3. Setup went great. I set up flex schedule that will run Wed and Sat.

Everything ran fine on Wed but it did not run on Sat. No rain (in Texas where we’ve had 12 straight days over 100).

When I look at calendar it doesn’t even show a dot for it planning to run on Sat.

The history does not show any record of skipping.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi! It is recommended to use a Fixed schedule if you’re under serious water restrictions (I expect this is the case?). Restrictions like this, twice a week watering, throws Flex into chaos since it needs the Flexibility to water on a range of days based on an evapotranspiration/soil moisture model it uses. Fixed schedules have plenty of smarts! The Rachio Support page recommends not using Flex if you can’t water more than 4 days a week:

Perhaps someone else on the forums has figured out a way to work with this kind of water restriction — one of the more severe forms is twice a week watering and I don’t know what lawn can stay green at 100 degree temperatures and so few watering (would likely go dormant? Hopefully). What kind of plants are in this zone/schedule?


@JGraff, @Kubisuro brings up all great points. Like he mentioned with your watering restrictions it is recommend to have a fixed schedule. You will still benefit from the weather intelligence (WI) features and it will guarantee to water on your two restricted days (unless WI skips it for precipitation or temperature)


Thanks @Kubisuro @franz. It’s is strict water restrictions. We’re allowed to hose water on off days which is only way to keep grass alive that’s in direct sun.

Great product, and great community!

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