Schedule just stops?

I have 4 zones, zones 1 - 3 are my lawn and have the exact same attributes in the rachio app and zone 4 is my flower bed. So my issue is that on the 10th I received an alert on my phone at 4:15 am that at 5:00am my watering schedule will start for zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, and zone 4 and run for 89 minutes. Then at 5:00am I receive an alert stating watering for zone 1 has started, then another saying zone 1 has finished, then lastly another alert saying zone 2 has started watering. And that’s it.

Could anyone help me understand why zone 1 watered and then the rest of the schedule crapped out? thanks

I wonder if the device rebooted.

I had a similar problem on June 2. Never got the completed watering event and it skipped watereing zones it said it was going to water.

@Mike8326 The only time I’ve seen this happen is when the controller tries to run a zone with a faulty solenoid and it does in fact reboot. I would try running zone 2 manually and see if it shows the same behavior. If it doesn’t, I can have the team watch the device logs to see if it happens again.


Will the reboot show up in device updates?