Schedule for newly seeded area

I planted a section of new seed in one zone. I want to set up a special additional schedule for that zone that waters it for 10 minutes every 6 hours. That works but it doesn’t react to weather conditions, so that schedule and that zone waters even during rain. It seems that you can’t enable smart weather (or whatever it is called) for a fixed schedule.

Then, I tried an additional smart schedule for that zone, setting say 30 minutes, and hoping that it would split that into several waterings (due to soaking) but that didn’t work either. In fact it looked from the calendar like it didn’t put anything on the schedule.

What is the best practice way to handle a newly seeded section of grass?

I assume your initial schedule for 10 minutes every 6 hours was a Fixed schedule. To get it to not water when it rains, turn Rain Skip ON. It’s not a “smart” schedule, so you can have an inch of rain today and it won’t water, but will water tomorrow, but that’s probably what you want for new grass anyhow.

If the Fixed schedule works for you, no need to get into soaking. If it doesn’t, we can talk about that too.

Thanks! But it doesn’t seem that rain skip is available for a fixed schedule, can you show me where it is? Thanks,

Pito Salas
Faculty, Computer Science
Brandeis University

It appears those options are not available when choosing hour-based intervals rather than days. Sorry, my mistake.

Since you are doing intervals of every 6 hours, that’s not all that often. Just set up individual fixed schedules for the times you want and you will get the Rain Skip feature.