Schedule error

My schedule is set to run on Mondays and Thursdays. However it does not show on the calendar for any Thursday.

I have deleted the schedule several times and recreated the schedule but still does not show on Thursday. Only Monday. I have also rebooted the controller.

Any suggestions?

What kind of schedule is it - Flex Daily, Flex Monthly or Fixed? If one of the Flex schedules the soil might not dry out enough between Monday and Thursday so Thursday is skipped. If you want to always water on a Monday and Thursday I would think it best to use a Fixed schedule. Not sure if others here would agree. or not.

Agreed. Flex Daily at least. Rachio has recommended you not skip more than 2 days a week with Flex Daily. I think someone mentioned it could be skipped more than that, but I’d stick with that.

We are only allowed to water on Mondays and Thursdays due to watering restrictions. Changing to a fixed schedule fixed my problem! Thanks for the help!