Schedule did not run and notifications not working

When I woke up this morning I had no notifications on my phone from the Rachio app, which was scheduled to water my lawn (on a 3-day fixed interval) at 4:30 am. I looked outside and saw that it had not run, so I checked the app. The history indicates that at 3:16 am it checked with my weather station and because no rain was predicted the schedule would “not be skipped.” Nonetheless, it never ran. I have no idea why. There is no history indicting that the power went out or that my controller went offline. It is also strange that my app notifications didn’t work. I ran the schedule manually, which is not ideal because it’s starting much later than if it had run as scheduled and thus will interfere with showers by reducing water pressure. And now that the schedule is running, I’m still not receiving notifications in the app. I checked my settings and everything is turned on. I can’t help but wonder whether both of these issues are tied to some problem with Rachio’s servers?

@Druben999 It seems like there’s more than just one issue you’re seeing, so the best option i’d say, is to send this into If you address it to me (Jeremy), I’ll be able to see your account and help resolve the issues you’re experiencing :slight_smile:

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