Schedule Concern

I setup a new schedule but I have a few concerns. The total duration is 8 hrs and 38 minutes for 5 zones. I did setup Smart Cycle. My drip zone is setup for 3 hrs 11 minutes. Most all zone are set to run over an hr. Is this OK or did I set something up wrong?


I am fairly new here myself but did you change any of the default values when you were setting it up or is everything at the default? I think my first initial run on 5 zones only took an hour and a half maybe. But mine is 4 zones of St. Augustine grass, and one zone of shrubs.

8 hours does seem high though but that is without knowing what your settings were. It would be good to post what the settings for each zone are.

It could very well be fine, but without knowing your zone settings, it’s hard to say. Flex daily needs some effort put into it in order to fine tune it, but once done, it is totally worth it!

This post is the best place to start. It helps you fine tune the precipitation rate of your drip system to make sure you are telling Rachio exactly how much water your system puts down.

As for the grass zones, run times can seem long when you add smart cycle because total run time includes the 30 minutes in soak time. But, it would be best to make sure that you have your specific nozzle precipitation rate set up in the zone to make sure you aren’t over/under watering. The stock nozzles are fairly general, and work in many cases, but there is room for improvement.

I will also add that my drip zones run in excess of 2 hours for my shrubs, and almost 4 hours for my trees…but don’t run nearly as often as when I had programed my old dumb controller.