Savings data incorrect for flex daily

My Rachio doesn’t show weather intelligence skips, and monthly usage to date doesn’t show any savings. Monthly usage shows no usage, which is correct. Have viewed on iPad and also on web site, both have same results.

I think what you’re describing, if using Flex Daily schedules, is the correct behavior. Flex Daily doesn’t “skip” but rather the schedule “waits” until soil moisture hits the allowed moisture depletion. The schedule type is very dynamic so there’s no easy way to calculate water savings since there’d have to be something to compare against… and there isn’t any easy way to do that. If you’re using Fixed schedules, then skipping should work provided the weather station or map location (Weather Intelligence+) had observable rain that went above your set threshold. If a Fixed schedule (and maybe Flex Monthly?) skips, then Rachio can calculate estimated water savings or minutes of irrigation saved.

If you’re using Flex Daily, take a look at your soil moisture chart to understand why the schedule has not watered all month (thus intrinsically saving water). You may see that when it rains, soil moisture balances increase, thus potentially causing the schedule to wait and see. Flex Daily saves the most water since, when properly set up, it waters at the right time at the right amounts, ideally not wasting water that plants cannot use. You may see savings in your water bill, like I have.

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Thank you, I had thought since I had it set for watering twice a week with Flex Daily, it would count the skips. Understand how it works now.