Save should be automatic in the webapp and mobile app

Please make the save feature automatic in the apps. Currently if I make changes to a schedule, I have to “go back” to save my changes - it’s not automatic.

Also, setting up schedules is way too many screens and time consuming and cumbersome. UI needs redesign with ease and usability at the forefront.

Otherwise great product!


Hey @brooksn1-

Thanks for the feedback on the app! We are always working to make our UI more seamless and intuitive. Out of curiosity, was there any particular part of the schedule creation flow you found particularly cumbersome?

McKynzee :rachio:

One minor inconsistency I’ve noticed here is that pressing the Back button on a schedule will save it, but exiting a zone without saving explicitly will lose the changes.

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I know that this may not be the new way of doing things, but I really wish that ANYTIME I made a change I had to press the SAVE button. Would keep me from accidentally making changes (which has happened). It gets very confusing between even within the iPhone UI itself whether pressing back makes the change take place. Sometimes there is an X as well as a back, and I assume the X means cancel, but I’m not sure since it is not on all screens.

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I’ve screwed myself by accidentally hitting Default in a zone and since there was no “Save” button, there was no way to undo that.

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