Saturation skip set, but watered anyway

The app reported that there was a saturation skip for today’s watering, but then it watered anyways. It doesn’t look like we North Texans are likely to need any more water in the next two weeks, and it’s rained daily for over a week. The skip notice was 18 hours ago, and it started 7 hours ago until I cancelled it when I woke up, but was mostly done, since it started at 4AM.

I am in the same boat (North Dallas, TX area) and will look here for any feedback as well. Mine has only been installed for just over a week but on both watering days, it ran despite already having been raining for a while and the grass already very wet.

If you are running Flex Daily, look for clues in soil moisture graphs and tables: What are moisture levels? (Flexible Daily Schedules) (