Same sprinklers turn on every zone

Hi. I just installed the 8 zone Rachio Gen 2 in replacement of an old Rainbird system which was working fine at the end of the 2017 season.

Going through the new setup the same two sprinklers come on for every zone and I don’t know what is causing this wether its something to do with my wiring or settings or something physically?

Appreciate any advice or assistance?


@J0shyGill - my guess is those two sprinklers that come on with every zone are in the same zone and that zone’s valve is not completely closing. If there is a master valve setup in the system one could confirm this hypothesis by manually activating the master valve - if the same two sprinklers came I would look at the valve for that zone.

If there is not a master valve in the installation, then I might disconnect the zone wire going to the solenoid that controls the valve for these two sprinklers and see what happens.

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@DLane thanks for the quick reply.

Yes those two sprinklers are definitely in the same zone.

I don’t know anything about sprinkler systems but I think I have a master valve on the outside of house directly adjacent to the wall which the Rancho is connected inside. The model is a FEBCO 765?

Thanks for your help

@J0shyGill - from a quick internet search the FEBCO 765 is a vacuum breaker (backflow prevention device) and not a master valve. Is there a wire going into the M terminal on the Rachio - if so there is a master valve in the setup that only allows water pressure to the system when the sprinkler system is on.

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Thanks @DLane I originally did not have any wires connected to the M and nothing worked so
I connected the black wire which was not connected to anything and that one zone started to work with the issue I am experiencing. I have uploaded a photo.

The black wire going into m terminal is the wire for the zone that is always running.

Do you have pics of the original wiring?

The m terminal will always receive power when anything runs, that’s why the same zone always comes on

Also, do you have pics of your valve box?


Which zone number runs the zone that activates every time the system runs? Take that wire out of the terminal and then activate the system again. If the same zone activates again, the valve needs a rebuild.

@DLane is on the right track.

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