Same irigation time for different nozzle zones


when I create new schedule for my yard it calculates 10 minutes for all 3 zones. Total time 30 minut. 1 zone has 4 times higher precipitation than the 2 ones so it should be 10/4=2,5 minutes.

Why it is not calculated correctly by the nozzles?

Support is looking into a similar problem for me, only mine is same nozzles, all the same characteristics except exposure, but different run times. I suggest that you send an email to They are a little swamped right now, but they have been extremely good at getting back to me. I’m not sure when they are getting time to sleep!!!

@Kaci moving this over to the support channel. They should be able to look into the discrepancy for you.

I sent it to the support. I will keep you informed.