Sad day

Today I decided that the Iro just won’t work for my specific needs and I purchased an old-school timer as a replacement. Hopefully the replacement will be temporary. For most of the summer my Iro worked great. It was very exciting to walk around my yard and turn on certain zones to test coverage and make repairs. Then came the end of the summer and my total turf renovation. I killed the existing lawn, planted seed and created a seeding schedule. Here is where my Iro let me down. I have a large yard with 16 zones, but the Iro’s memory can’t handle more than 7-8 schedule with this many zones. I needed 5 schedules to run during the day to keep the seed bed moist and I have 3 standard schedules during the year. It was suggested I set up one seeding schedule and then use IFTTT to create a recipe to run this schedule throughout the day. (Thank you though for introduction to IFTTT - cool stuff!). Ok, fine. The real killer, which actually killed my seedlings, was the lack of delay between valves. I’m on a well and need a 3 minute recovery period for my pump which was not discovered until I started the seeding schedule. Not possible with the Iro, although it seems like a simple addition.

I am going to hold on to my Iro with the hopes that this is added in the future. Just sharing my story for other users or potential buyers.

Yes, sad day for sure!

We are planning on adding this feature, should have it for early Spring (along with some other delighters), just in time for the next watering season.

Sorry we can’t deliver sooner, with limited resources we really are just prioritizing what we can realistically deliver.