Runs after rain?

I have set for Flex Monthly with Water Intelligence set at Rain Skip .25 ". It rained more than that over the last 48 hours. This morning sprinkler is running. Why? Just want simple schedule.

If you go into a zone and dive into the Moisture area, can you post a screenshot of the two days? Curious to see if the precipitation reported to Rachio exceed the .25 limit.

Cannot see how to find moisture reading at zone. Before running it said 0.00 predicted so started program. Also, mow say next is 4/18 but no check mark on that(or any) date for future run.

Had a power failure. Perhaps this needs a unplug restart like my router occasionally?

@Bernie Looking at the closest PWS to your house it only reported .07 inches of precipitation yesterday.

Our WI Plus network that you are using reported .05 inches of precipitation so very close to what the PWS observed.

Hope this helps.


That would answer it. Only thing is he must be quite aways away or was sitting under an umbrella. Thanks much.