Running when schedule shouldn't be

Little surprised to see a notification pop up about a schedule starting at 8am…

Here’s the grass schedule…it should have finished by sunrise, not start at 8am…

@tmcgahey I have reviewed your calendar and this occurred due to overlap with your other schedule called “Drip” which starts at 4pm and doesn’t finish until 10:40pm. The duration of the “Front Lawn” schedule is 8 hours, so in order to finish by sunrise (5:42 am on 28th) it needs to start at 9:40pm on 27th which overlaps with Drip schedule. In order to satisfy end-by criteria we stack schedule backwards and therefore moved the “Front Lawn” before the “Drip”. So 4pm - 8 hours = 8am was the start time. Thank you for reaching out to us and let me know if you have more questions.

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So even though the schedule “drip” only ran one zone for 170 minutes last night and finished by 6:50pm, it bumped the lawn schedule?

@tmcgahey This is the today’s the 27th Drip run at 4pm.

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Gotcha. I made some changes to my schedules to keep this from happening again. I moved the drip start time up to 2pm, and removed the cycle soak on the grass zones to cut the total watering time down. I have Hunter MP-Rotators on flat ground so I don’t really have an issue with ponding or runoff.

@tmcgahey Perfect! Also you can change the start time of the Drip schedule to start at 6am So you are running it after the lawn schedule. Even as the sunrise shifts to past 6am in the fall, the end-by schedule will shift backwards to end by 6 am. There are many ways of doing this :slight_smile:

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I tried out the ‘finish by sunrise’ feature this season and my grass watered last week at ~12:30am because my 2 other drips needed to run afterwards also. Not sure how I feel about the grass watering at that time, I may adjust this feature.

I’ve always had my grass to run on the hour marker (i.e. 5:00 am) with drips scheduled to run 1 minute later to give priority to grass. Maybe I’ll flip flop them now so that the grass is the last thing to run on any given day, so that way they will still finish by sun rise but it’ll be the last thing to run.

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