Run Time AZ Summer

What are people in AZ seeing for general run times during the summer? Zones run 8gpm-10gpm.

Flex Daily says 24min/zone (seems crazy high)
Flex Monthly 10min/zone

My schedule says it will run everyday but will it? That seems like watering that would happen every few days.
My old system would run 3 times a day for 3min each zone.
Thanks for the help.

I’ll tell you that like most (myself included), your old system was watering completely wrong, and not well suited for a healthy landscape.

I have Hunter MP Rotators in my yard, and they only put out about .55"/hr PR, so my grass zones each run for well over an hour. To promote a healthy lawn, you should be putting down .75" - 1" per watering, and in the summer months, should water every 3 days or so. So, depending on what the PR of your nozzles is, those times are probably ok…can you confirm what nozzles you have in your yard?

This website is like the Holy Bible for efficient watering, especially for us here in the AZ desert!

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Thank you for the info, definitely appreciate it. I have the Hunter Pro Spray nozzles.
Will the Rachio on Flex Monthly or Daily setting automatically water the lawn every 3 days or so depending? In the app it says everyday or should I change it manually to every 3 days?
The Flex Daily is twice as long watering cycle compared to monthly. Why would that be?
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