Run Multiple Zones At Once

@Odeajason, at this time we cannot offer this feature via the app, but you could wire up the zones together on the wallmount to accomplish this goal.

Just curious, how often do you need the zones running together to fertilize?

Best, Emil

It fertilizes every time it waters, in very small doses. Wiring them together would mean I need the drip zone and the grass zone running for the same amount of time. I need to still be able to control them seperately, but I can create overlap enough to accomplish my goal. This should be a simple software change to allow it…

I have an EZ Flo as well and it would be great if you can program two zones at once so you could have a valve controlling the EZ Flo and then you could create a schedule to water the EZ Flo with a particular zone (i.e, EZ flow could/would be zone 1, and then you choose zone 1 + zone x to get the fertilizer into that zone.

I am using the RachIO for lighting, I donated the Irritrol to good will. I just wish that the RachIO could run a water zone with my lighting zone active.

I am in need of two separate zones to be active at the same time for a slightly different reason. We are “Snowbirds” and leave our house unoccupied for months at a time. We recently had a valve rupture and have no idea how long the water flowed from this breach, but the result was a water bill in excess of $1,000.

Rather than leaving the feed to the entire sprinkler system active continuously, I’d like to have the feed open for a block of time during which the appropriate zones are active. Simply hooking the feed and a single circuit to one zone won’t work in this situation.

I think you are talking about a “Master Valve” setup…which Rachio already supports…I’ve got that setup on my system, actually! A valve near the main is the “Master” that turns on whenever a zone turns on and turns off when the zone is done. Essentially only leaving the irrigation system “charged” when it is running.

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Perfect! Thanks for your help.

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Interesting idea but wouldn’t you have a water pressure issue running 2 zones of the main?

Yes, for sure, but I’m putting in a gnarly pump to pull off my lake this winter that will have the pressure to push 2 zones. It is not a requirement, but as I keep making up new reasons to add zones, my cycle time is starting to push out into the day light. I mean, I have already smoked the rachio crack and am addicted so it by no means is a purchasing decision, I was just here to +1 this ability.

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That’s a great idea ! I didn’t think about pumping lake or well water. :slight_smile:

Thanx man, my manicupality is way too proud of their water and have pricing tiers. So this is a way to get out of that, plus the company that checks meters will often throw 2 extra days in the billing cycle which usually pushes me into the highest tier…it is so dirty. The difference between hundred gallons equates to $150. It will take some years to pay for it, but that’s cool, it’s a tax shelter if you will.

We are having that very problem today in San Antonio with San Antonio Water Systems. This particular month, customers are getting $500-$600 water bills. They “claim” it’s because they have upgraded the “infrastructure” and now the new meters are measuring usage correctly now. However, so many people are upset, they are now saying it’s a software glitch. It’s all a scam in my book. They do the same thing too here. They will give you 2 extra days in the cycle to push your gallon usage up into tier where they charge you a lot more.

I have the same need of running two valves off one zone. Is wiring two to one officially supported? I ask because I did the same on an old IrrigationCaddy S1; it worked for two waterings, quit in the middle of the third and the controller died. Just want to be sure this is a supported configuration and I don’t void the warranty if something goes wrong.

@jyantzer, do you need to run a master valve/pump relay in addition to these two valves? If no, then you can double up on one zone. If yes, then it’s not recommended as the electrical load would be pushing power to three valves at once.

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Hi Emil, No, do not run master valve. Thanks very much for the quick reply!

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I also would like to run 2 zones concurrently. My Setup: 15 drip irrigation valves divided into 4 zones (grouped by plant type, i.e. watering needs). These 4 zones are set to run with different frequencies: During the winter they are 2 days, 3 days, 4 days and 14 days. I change the frequency of watering throughout the year, not the length, in order to achieve a deep root watering. This is important for a drip system in the desert. I perform a manual check on 1/3 of my valves every 2 weeks. I have 2 use cases: 1) When a zone is running automatically, I need to manually turn other zones on and off to check them. 2) When the automatic times of two zones coincide, the second zone waits until the first zone finishes. This can move watering into a less than optimal time. I have enough water pressure to run more than two zones concurrently.

Thanks for these use cases. I’ll make sure the product team gets these. I know we are making significant changes that will ultimately allow us to add this kind of functionality and more.


Franz - Thank you for your reply. Do you have any information on when this capability might be available? We will soon be getting into summer heat in Arizona, which means I have to increase the frequency of watering for the zones. Two of the zones run for 24 hours each. The current software limitation means that when these zones coincide with the pot/planter zone, the pot watering is delayed. This will result in a lot of dead plants. Let me know if you need more information, detail, etc. I’m happy to talk with you on the phone, if you like. This is becoming critical for my plants. Please let me know what you suggest.

We won’t have the capability through software for this watering season.

If you want to go the hardware route, you can double up two zones wiring if you don’t have a master. There should not be more than two valves running at the same time. :wink:

Hope this helps.


@azbob, are the two zones that run for 24 hours in their own zone as mentioned on 2/1?

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