Run a full schedule manually?

I have found the need from time to time to run a full schedule manually. Would really like to do it upon my command i.e. start it in 6 hours or run it at 2am.

Examples - Weather intelligence said it rained, it didn’t. I skipped a scheduled run of the lawn watering because the landscapers were a day late and no way to run it.

Is there a way to do this?

If you navigate to the schedule you can directly run it using the quick run link in upper right hand corner.

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Sure enough, thanks!!

I don’t think this answered the question. The Quick Run button runs the schedule immediately, but the OP “Would really like to do it upon my command i.e. start it in 6 hours or run it at 2am.”

So would I – is there a way to do this?

I believe that’s what the start time is used for on schedules, to start on certain days at specified times. Am I missing anything?

You could preload a fixed schedule that runs every day with a specific start time, disable it, then enable it when you wanted it to run?

Thanks for replying.

I have mine set up with the recommended “End before sunrise” setting. With that setting I can’t set a start time too. When I select “Quick Run” it starts immediately. I’d be perfectly happy if it would start when it would normally start, which is around 3 am.

If I set up a new fixed schedule I’ll have to enable it and then remember to disable it after it finishes and before it runs again, correct?

Yes that is correct.