Root depth changed on all my zones. Don't know how/when this happened

Just was looking at my zones in the web app this morning, and I noticed that the root depth for all of my grass zones were showing as 9 inches. I thought that the default setting for Bermuda was 6 inches, and I don’t remember going through and changing any of these.

I don’t know if you have access to historical setting data, but if the settings changed due to some server error during the ‘do we flex/do we not flex’ stuff then people need to know so they can double check their settings.

I won’t make any changes until I hear back. Don’t want to destroy forensic data. :slight_smile:


@TastyWombat Note that if you change advanced zone settings and then change something like crop type, soil, etc. it will adjust the advanced zone setting to the default value of the new zone characteristic. The server will never automatically adjust any of your advanced zone settings unless a new zone characteristic is chosen. I would also make sure when you are on the advanced zone setting page that the values you are inputting are getting saved. I know the webapp has a ‘Save’ button and the mobile clients should save when the back arrow is pressed.


The webapp does not (or at least isn’t for me right now) automatically changing the root depth as I change plant type. As far as I know, I’ve never changed this setting, that is why this is a bit surprising.

I’ve been bitten enough by the save vs. close mistake that I always double check, but that only makes it even stranger that my root depth would have changed for all of my grass crops.

Is your recommendation to set it by hand? Try one of the mobile apps?