Rockford Michigan anyone use a good PWS near Rockford?

Im in east rockford MI area , tillicum PWS is just north of me. does anyone use this PWS for their PWS?
hows that working out for you?

I was told to look for a PWS which has a gold medal next to it for best accuracy and reliability. Does this station have this?

Not sure but will look ASAP
Thanks much


Also, make sure which ever on you select, it’s recording precipitation.

Yup that’s my 1’ data I want . I just hope it’s spot on.

Did you sample your soil ? I have combination soil. Some zones are more sand others ideal topsoil and others have clay.
I was thinking about doing the sediment jar test for each zone. Bc the “soil triangle” really gets crazy with the slit clay sand %’s
The nerd in me wants to do the jar test. But I could just go with clay loam , sand Loam and see what I get.