Riddle Me This...wonky schedules

So, I’ve been playing with the adaptive watering (water a little/lot more/less). I decided that I dont think it works for me as all it is doing is increasing run time and has no bearing on frequency.

So, i reset all adaptive watering changes that ive made over the last couple months, and noticed some watering times that didn’t jive for identical zones, which have always matched up. Here are a couple for example…these screen shots are after trying to completely reset all zones, and deleting and recreating the “drip” schedule.

Rear Tree Zone for example:

Compared to Front Tree Zone:

Besides the slightly different run times for identical zones, what i find odd is that the amount of water Rachio thinks it is going to put down on the next run is WAY off. 4"+ is way more than in should be, for the given settings. It’s almost like there is an adaptive watering adjustment stuck on this zone tgat won’t reset.

@franz @dane any ideas?

Hi @tmcgahey

Thanks for flagging this. I am reviewing this with the team and I will get back to you.

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I’ve reported a few weeks ago as well, that I was seeing the same. Eventually everything leveled out and we’ve been steady.