Richdel 412 pr to Rachio Gen2, will it work?

Images of old system


Will the Rachio Gen 2 work?

Absolutely. Man that is an old clock! Just take a picture of the wire sequence, take down the controller and install Rachio. Then install wires in the same sequence. If the controller is outdoors you will need a Rachio outdoor cabinet and possibly a WiFi booster.
What is the date on that old controller? Testimony of quality of Richdel/Irritrol/Hardie/Toro clocks.

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Do you have a well? Need to get input to see how Rachio holds up to a pump start relay if that is what it is. Might need Rachio tech help on this!

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yes i do have a well

Would like to hear others experience using a pump start relay with Rachio. Is its electrical interface robust enough like a conventional controller? I hope so.

It is, I have helped a few ppl get their relays wired up. The real question is how many amps does it draw, it gets concerning when running a valve, a master valve and a relay all at the same time…

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The only sticky spot here is that you have 3 commons. You might need to twist these together with a smaller fourth piece and add that 4th piece in the common. I don’t think you’re going to get all 3 of those into that slot.

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Good to hear that. I sold a few Irrigation Caddy controllers and the contractors reported they could not handle a pump start relay.

Worked as advertised, installed 8 zone and only had two common slots used one for pump relay and other 2 shoved into bottom common, Master Pump relay went into M slot and started pump fine

  • zones only has these slots

Thanks for the support