Requesting some color options

Speaking specifically about the android app but would apply to all aspects.

I currently have 3 different schedules deployed and would really like to differentiate the 3 schedules by color or by icon so when I look at the calendar I can tell what schedule runs on what day. Right now all my schedules are represented by the same blue water drop.

Is that possible?


It’s a great idea, and it’s been discussed before

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Not exactly. He’s wanting each Zone a different color. I’m wanting entirely different schedules to be color coded. I water several zones on different schedules. So I’d think if you had multiple schedules it would be easier to see what day what schedule runs right now I have to either count it out or click on each day

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@Docthomas I’m the original poster for the thread @Modawg2k pointed me to. Your suggestion also works for me… I only have one zone per schedule, so it’s actually the same thing in my world. Thanks for posting that. The more that suggest it the likelier it will be to happen.

I was thinking along the lines of 1 color per schedule myself. I don’t need to know individual zones within a schedule.

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