Request to water by amount

I’d like to see an option to set a one time watering of a zone or zones by amount / water depth. For example often when fertilizing or applying pesticides there is a recommendation to “water in” the product with a value such as a 1/2 to 1 inch of water. I’d like to easily just tell my Rachio “apply 0.5 inches of water” and have it correctly set the run times. I suppose the issue here is that you have to have set your custom values for the zone having used a cup test and also have an accurate efficiency value (plus I have the flow meter) but #1 I did all that and #2 even if I hadn’t your software makes estimates for the area anyway. I know I can extrapolate the math out based on the application rates for each zone I’ve determined + efficiency value but with 8 unique zones its time consuming and a hassle for something I’m faced with doing several times a season.

Thanks for the consideration!