Request: Software/Firmware/App Update to fix Bad timestamping for watering when not online

Hello Rachio Support,

I feel you should fix this software bug, which presents bad information, as if it were reliable. It has to do with being offline, but I see a lot of users require this capability at some point, so I believe it is important.

I used a hotspot to set up my Rachio 2nd Gen 8 Zone device, and get a schedule going.

There’s no other need for wifi at the location currently, other than for the Rachio.

When I am there checking on things, I turn on the hotspot and check to make sure everything has been running.

But when I log in and check the Watering History, it timestamps it with the minute that it came back online, not at the time it watered, which I believe it is watering according to the schedule.

So basically, we need a fix so that the device/app records/displays the actual time it watered, not incorrectly stating that it watered when it didn’t.

Please fix asap.


Rachio - You can look at my account, and see this exact problem having happened and called in for support on. They have gotten back to me, saying I need to submit my request / product suggestion here. Therefore I’m hoping that you’ll please see this, get it fixed, and let me know.

The controller does run offline and capture the watering events, but the timestamp will be changed to when the device reconnects to your network.

Changing this to reflect the correct time is definitely on our list of feature additions.

See this community link as this problem has been addressed before.

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