Reporting and manual control

It would be desirable to have the ability to print a simple report that shows the watering schedule: Zones, durations, time(s) of day and week, etc… To instead have to resort to taking screenshots and then printing those is hardly practical when the ability to create reports would seem to be quite a simple programming effort on Rachio’s part.

Regarding the manual operation: There are many times we are doing work on our sprinklers, and after the work is done, we want to run a zone manually for longer than just 5 minutes without having to get out our cell phone or computer with our muddy hands. We may also just want to run the typical schedule for a zone manually without having to resort to the software should our wireless go down, or we can’t access the software easily. Considering how advanced the Rachio software is in general, it would seem to be a simple thing to have a place in the software where you can set the manual duration to a longer period if desired, and/or to set it so the zones triggered by the manual button on the controller correspond to the timing for each zone set in the software.

VERY Much agree with the Print suggestion. And it should plainly indicate whether or not the printed schedule is currently active.