Report when WiFi was out

It’d be nice if the Rachio would remember the time(s) when it tried to use WiFi but was unable to. When it gets WiFi again, these events/times could then be added to the History list. Most of my other smart home devices act this way.

It seems possible that something is occasionally interfering with my WiFi enough that the Rachio loses connection. Being able to know when Rachio went offline would help me diagnose.

At the least, it’d be nice to differentiate between a weather forecast of 0.00 rain from the weather network and the lack of a weather forecast due to not being able to connect to the weather network.

I already submitted this directly to customer support. I was told to submit it here as well.


Maybe it needs to make a special counter from the last wi-fi signal reviewed

Thanks for the tip. Those notifications are enabled and I have not noticed receiving any, nor do I see any such notices in my History tab.

Customer support had me run RouteThis to help diagnose why my zones occasionally ran despite rain. They told me my RouteThis results indicated my controller might be disconnecting from WiFi occasionally, but they couldn’t know for sure. It’s interesting that such disconnects should be listed in History, because they didn’t seem to think that would be the case.