Replace Hunter Pro-C with Rachio Gen3

Hi All,

This is my first time dealing with sprinklers so I just wanted to make sure I’m connecting the wires correctly. I currently have Hunter Pro-C with a rain sensor connected to it.

So far, after reading through the forums, it seems that I won’t need the AC1, AC2 and the GND wires since the Rachio comes with it’s own power adapter. Am I correct in assuming so?

I have six zones with white wires and they would go through 1-6 on the Rachio. The red COM wire would plug into one of the C.

Finally, I am a little confused with the rain sensor, the two red SEN on the HUNTER… would one go into S1 and the other into 24 VAC -? Does it matter which one plugs into which?

Any help with be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.


@jon_snow You are correct that you don’t need any of the C1, AC2 and the GND wires. As for the zones, you again are correct as each one can go into one of the zone connectors and the red COM can go into either of the commons.

As for the rain sensor, with both of the wires being red I’d go ahead and put one in S1 and one in -24 VAC. Make sure it is set to S1 in the app under More -> Accessories -> S1.

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Thank you, @timber!