Repeater units?

This product looks great, but at my home I have 3 non-rachio controllers that are quite a ways from each other… I’d love to network them together so that I could control all 3 of the controllers from a single interface. I know this has been brought up before in the forums, but my suggestion is to create a repeater unit, that is more cost effective than the current rachio controller… if the ‘brains’ of the unit is in the primary controller, it would be great to have less expensive, repeater units that connect to the primary via wi-fi and use the brain that is in that unit to drive them rather than any internal logic in those units themselves… I think, other than me re-running all the valve wiring to a master controller, this is the only way I could do this with rachio and be anything close to cost effective (can’t justify buying 3 of the current units)…


@Stuntman Great idea, since most of the intelligence is in the cloud anyways. The implementation is a ways out where we are building those repeater units.

In the next 5-10 years I can actually in-vision a tablet in your house, connected to our cloud, controlling remote solenoids :smile: