Repaired cut line now system not activating all zones

I recently cut my in ground controller wire. After fixing the wire my system is fickle.

At current zones 1-3 work from the controller while the other 4 zones will not. I can adjust the valves manually and the other zones work and will come on.

What am I missing?

So, 1-3 work and 4-7 do not? Are they in separate boxes or the same? Does the wire go from one box to the other? Could you have accidentally cut or disconnected the other ground?

1 - they are in separate boxes
2 - wire does go from one box to another
But I will check again tomorrow
3 - no other lines were cut

If the common wire is in a wire nut going from one both to the other, I would suggest checking that connection first. If it still does not work, I would try the opposite end. If it still does not work and if you have a spare wire, I might try connecting the two above ground.

What type of splice kits did you use to make the repair. They need to be waterproof connections. Also, I would look very closely at the common wire repair as this wire travels to each valve and is most likely the issue when multiple valves are not working properly.