Reorder zones

I just got done installing my new Iro and in all, I’m very pleased. However, the biggest issue that I have is that the zones cannot be reordered. I spent some time getting all my zones labeled using the iPad app and once complete, I found that 3 of my zone names were not saved along with the other info for them (like soil type, head type, etc). I’m guessing that is due to internet connectivity in my yard.
I guess tomorrow I will go rewire it now that I know what zones are what and re-set up the zones in order.
Thanks for a good product…just one little thing to fix for a perfect rating from me…

Hi @Bandit,

Good afternoon. Thanks for reaching out. We can reorder zones within watering times if that helps (see #3), simply drag and pull the zone into the desired order. However, I believe you might be looking for the ability to reorder the zones within the Zone Settings menu? This list will always map back to the hardwired zone on the wallmount. I’d be happy to review your account if you’d like.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks emil
You are right. I was able to move zones around in the scheduling. I hadn’t gotten that far into my set up as to set the times yet.
Thank you for the quick response and I’m sorry that I spoke up too early.