Remote reconnect

Hi all. New user here. Question: I am 2000 miles from home and it can’t reconnect on its own after WiFi went down and came back up. I can share access w man on site but doesn’t have iPhone or iPad, only smart phone that won’t run Rachio app. Does he need app to reconnect the system to my local WiFi?

Most of the time, it will successfully reconnect by merely rebooting. Disconnect power at the wall socket, or the power adapter connector on the controller. Wait ten seconds and plug it back in.

If no luck, please post:
Rachio controller model?
Light code? (See )
What phone make / model / OS version does your on-site man have?
Is there an old phone, even one with no SIM, that you left at home he could use?

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If your controller worked to begin with, it will likely retry connecting to wifi every few hours (issue is likely to resolve by itself). Otherwise, as @Stewart has suggested, rebooting the controlelr (by unplugging and plugging back in the power cable) is best to force it to try reconnecting to the wifi it knows.

Thanks. It’s Rachio 3e. It connects via a netgear WiFi 2G extender.

If the reboot didn’t help, your man on site should try connecting his phone to the Netgear extender to confirm that it is still working.

You should be able to press the WiFi button after the reboot @Gene and @Stewart mentioned, and it should automatically detect the WiFi settings if it wasn’t upgraded.