Remote control watering with a delay or at a speific time


I just got my Rachio installed and running last week. Great product very easy to install. I like the idea of the remote where you can water on a ad hoc basis. However, I think it would be a MUCH better feature if I can run it with a delay or at a specific time in the future. (Example. I need to water extra as I put in some need seed. However, I need to schedule it to do it for once at 2.00 PM after my mail is delivered. )

then create a 2nd schedule fixed for that time… you can do that today.

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You can do that with IFTTT, as well.


You can do it with a new schedule but it is more complicated. I was looking for a very EASY way to water with the remote.

@jayawickrama If you don’t want to set up a new schedule try IFTTT. It will take some setup, but after that it can be as easy as adding a watering event to your calendar. You can keep the channel and calendar forever, but only use it when you need to without having to repeat the setup.

@jayawickrama Here’s a link to how I use it to skip the days that my landscaper comes.

If you don’t want to use a calendar, you can even set up an IFTTT channel to water when you send yourself an email with a certain subject or tag. If you have time it’s a fun thing to play around with, and you’ll find you can use it for all kinds of stuff outside of using it with your Rachio.