Remote Accessory?

Wish list time: When my hands are deep in that mess, I would love some little remote that could manually run a zone vs having to pull out a $900 device (aka phone) that I work hard to keep scratch-free and risk scratching it all up.


Assuming your wifi will reach, you could use an old junker phone just connected to wifi in the mean time so you’re not using your good phone


Let’s not forget dropping your device in the mud/water, getting mud/water in the connector slots, etc. I’d agree with Modawg2k.

I don’t fall into the category of having old or disposable devices around. Once the new one is bought, the old one is sold or traded in or otherwise disposed of responsibly.

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Those fragile iPhones… :joy:


@Modawg2k do you have an Alexa? With the new Echo Dot, you could throw one in your pocket and bring it out with you :joy:
Definitely understand not wanting to pull out an iPhone in that situation, a remote could be a good alternative!

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I have not jumped on the Alexa bandwagon yet.

There’s a bunch of crazy ways you can use your voice to do this. If you have Android Wear, you can connect it to the google app on both iPhone and Android. You can use Wink, if you have that, or IFTTT and its DO button.

I have a lockscreen shortcut to launch “Do” that runs a “water lawn for 1 minute” which just turns on the sprinkler 1 minute for positioning and testing.


I’m assuming options are limited or absent for iOS?

I would like some sort of remote as well. I have gotten my phone dirty and wet before not to mention the screen doesnt work with wet hands.

I’m glad this topic came up. The new iPhone is suppose to be water proof according to a new commercial I saw. Just hose it off when you’re done! :grinning:

But seriously. I do service work. I have a universal remote ($1300) that I can hook up to any controller by using clips on the terminal wires that I have stripped back. It takes a little prep on the initial set up, but once done it’s done.

After I installed my first Rachio for a customer, I thought about this. If I didn’t have a remote, I would have to carry my phone through the check up and/or repair. And it can get messy, but it most certainly will get wet. The touch screens go bonkers when they get wet.

I think the remote add-on is a good idea, especially for service techs. And DIYs. Maybe something on future Gen 3 models with a USB port. A plug and play after market remote that uses RF instead of WiFi. Remote communication is paramount on bigger properties.

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And while you’re taking notes for Gen 3 models, please add Ethernet (wired) capability to the controller. Thx. Bill

I bought an Amazon Dot this past week and this weekend I replaced several sprinkler nozzles and it was amazing to be able to tell Alexa to turn zones on and off. I didn’t touch my phone once. Granted, I had to bring the Dot outside and plug it in, but still much better than using the phone.