Refreshing - Who is on First?

I have both apps running the iPhone and the desktop.
Once I make a change on one or the other I would expect that the change would carry over. But that is not happening. So my question is Who is on First?
I am hopping this will be resolved on Monday. :wink: :wink:

Webapp being released Monday supports event synchronization. :beers:

On a different note is there any need to refresh the hardware now that 2.0 is out? :wink:


Can you clarify when screen refresh must be manually performed on the iPhone? I may be wrong, but it appears to me when I make an advanced setting change, the schedule does not update until I go to the front screen and pull it down to force a refresh. I would prefer that everything would automatically refresh with every change made. I believe that this may be causing a lot of folks to wonder why the thing is not working, and lead to extra complaints on these message boards.

+1 I totally agree especially if your tweaking. :grimacing:

@mateo_rachio Can you answer this question? Thanks!