Reduce watering times by percentage

Our city puts out weekly watering recommendations based on how much rainfall we’ve had in the area. Most of the times it’s 1" of watering, which means we run all zones for the specified time.

However, sometimes the city recommends only 0.5" or 0.25" of water for that week. In such cases, how do I reduce the amount of watering with Rachio?

Is it possible to reduce the watering by percentage for the next scheduled watering OR do I have to setup an entirely new schedule with reduced times for each zone?

If you are on a flex, I would disregard those times completely. Just FYI.

We have a +/- toggle at the top of the schedule to adjust minutes for he entire schedule but not a direct percentage.


Where is the +/- located. I don’t see it under Edit Schedule.

If you edit zone durations it is at the top.


Thanks. I missed that for some reason.