Reduce fixed interval duration when precipitation less than threshold

My city enforces an even/odd watering restrictions. I’m using the defaults for weather intelligence and received 0.12" of rain a few hours before the start of the watering, and the default is 0.125". A nice feature would be for the ability to reduce the watering duration based on the % of the threshold for fixed intervals.

You will want to switch to flex daily then, I can’t remember if it supports odd even, but if you water early enough, they won’t know, and you will still use less water :wink:

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Thanks @plainsane. BTW, our city switched years ago to wireless transmitters for our water meters. This means that they can easily catch people watering when they shoudn’t be watering :frowning:

Doesn’t someone still have to drive by it though?

Nope, they can see how much water you are using at an point of time from their computer.

Man, that blows

Do they allow you access to see your own watering data in semi-realtime? That would be cool…

No, but they can tell you in real time what you are using.