Red Blinking WiFi?

I have a new Unit and when I power it up I have a blinking Red light and blinking up does not work. Instruction seem to say I should have a orange blinking light to start. Any Suggestions?

Hi @thedonger,

Can you email us at – we can do some troubleshooting fast to determine the issue.

Thanks! Emil

Were you able to figure this out? I’m having the same issue.

@joecom Please reach out to They can get you setup and running in no time.



Yes, I tried and they said the photo sensor may not be working on the unit. I was hoping there was another solution that someone had to avoid having to ship this back, wait for refund, get another.

@joecom Ok thanks, if it is indeed defective we can get another unit out asap. I’ll let the support team take it from here.

@joecom, Emil here, head of customer service. I see you spoke to Ashley this morning. Looks like you purchased your Iro from an Amazon third party reseller, is that correct? I’ll review your call notes and be in touch over email with some options to get you up and running ASAP.

Best, Emil

I had the same issue Sunday and returned it to Home Depot and the replacement worked perfect out of the gate…