Recreated schedule is different from original (same zone settings)

I deleted and added back all of my schedules tonight. The goal was to be able to play with the newly exposed crop coefficient. My recreated schedules for grass, trees and garden were pretty much the same as the old one, but my shrub run time changed from 7h 45m to 6h 36m with no zone setting changes. What I find odd is that the moisture plots/tables are identical, including the 1.20 in watering. My zone is set up with a 0.2 in/hr setting for the custom nozzle called “1 GPH Emitter”, and it hasn’t changed throughout the process of deleting and adding back schedules, nor have any of my other zone settings. I also confirmed in my run logs that previous runs start and stop times were matching the ~8hr run time that I used to have in the schedule.

What do you guys think might be happening ?

PREVIOUS (2.6 version):


My first thought was that you had done a more/less using the percentages that show up in duration (I got caught with having done that on a zone last year and forgetting about it, then couldn’t figure out what was going on) – but even that doesn’t look quite right – if that was the case your original time w/o more/less would have been 396 minutes, and the 465 minutes would be a 117% increase. The reason I thought of this one is that it doesn’t play into anything on the moisture level charts, it just adds watering time. If it’s not that, I’m also at a loss. This may end up being a support question?

That’s a 20% difference which means on the old schedule the + adjustment was used (it in cemented in 20% incs) and that is where the extra time came from. I would not report this to support.

But 120% would have come out to 475 minutes, not 465 minutes. I’ve found their percentage calculations to be spot on for the ones I’ve used. You think they could be a full 3% off?

@plainsane @Linn Thanks for the responses. I only recall using the +/- adjustment a long while back, and now wish that I would have checked it last night before the change. Out It seems plausible that I forgot. My math says 17% too. Not a big deal to fix but I just found it odd.

I have yet to call support, other than the time my landscaper turn off my main (manual) valve and forgot to turn it back on. :grimacing:

Yea true, I type-od oh my calculator

I dropped mine and recreated them and they came back to the same times, so I don’t think it’s a big deal

Yeah, 3 out of 4 came back identical. Must be sunspot activity, or maybe I did have a +/- increase after all. Thanks for checking on your side @plainsane.

Well, I’m working off of a flaky memory but you created your original schedules in 2015 and there were 2 tiny tweaks to initial flex, only @franz can confirm but I’m pretty certain this is a none issue.

I started Flex after As Needed came out, so it was definitely 2016.

I spent a large part of my career doing problem solving in IT software (for good or for bad, I was the one that got called when nobody else could solve it) - I learned early on that if I couldn’t recreate something, I most likely was not going to be able to solve it either. So at this point I think I’d just march forward, but keep an eye on things to see if it ever changes again.

I know you know that I keep all my zone setups in a spreadsheet starting this year. There is a tab for every date I make a change, and the changes are color-coded. Yep, I’m a data nerd like that. But even with all that careful tracking, I was wondering why one of two identical zones wasn’t watering the same way. Went in and looked, and it had been set from Lots of Sun to Mostly Shade. And I knowingly wouldn’t have done this. Don’t have a clue how I did it, but I’m pretty sure I obviously did it myself!

Sorry for the long winded answer. Couldn’t help myself!

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