Reclaimed water

Kind of a random question, but should use of reclaimed water in the stats you keep be handled any differently? We converted from a local well to the city of Tampa’s reclaimed treated waste water which has no watering restrictions which kind of gives you the impression of “use or it runs out to the ocean anyway” when talking to the city about it. At some level I kind of think saving potable water is very different than getting better leverage from grey water or treated waste water when skipping a watering cycle due to rain. I am assuming my skipping of using reclaimed water goes to the same stat as when I was skipping watering using potable water from a well. (or the city I suppose)

We are using the IRO as we have lots of rain this time of year so wanted a better way to deal with over watering as much as saving water generally the rest of the year.

Just a thought.


@mclancy – correct, we do not track the savings from reclaimed water any differently at this time. However, this is an interesting idea for us to consider for the future as reclaimed water usage increases in popularity.

Just curious, how do you have your reclaimed water system setup? I’m sure other users would be interested in learning more about how this works :wink:

Best, Emil

Sorry missed this reply. My town has reclaimed water setup in my neighborhood. Its a metered service and just requires the irrigation to be separately connected from household water. Its treated waste water and there is plenty. Its also a truck load cheaper than drinking water.

@mclancy, very cool! Sounds like a great program. How long has your neighborhood had this program?

Best, Emil

The processing plant goes back 1979 but I can’t tell when they distributed reclaimed water to my neighborhood. Currently only 3 million gallons a day of previously waste water is going to residential use (out of 60 million in capacity).

Good story here.

@mclancy, thanks for sharing! How’s the Iro working for you?