Receiving zone skipped notifications on non-watering day?

Hi Rachio folks!

I currently have Watering Times set for Thursday and Saturday (only).
It rained a lot yesterday so my external rain sensor has been activated (“rain true”) since last night.

This morning (Monday morning) I received two unexpected notifications in the iOS app:
Thursday-watering-time-name skipped due to activated rain sensor”
Saturday-watering-time-name skipped due to activated rain sensor”

Why am I receiving these notifications on a day that I don’t have any scheduled Watering Times? This gives the impression that these Watering Times would have ran had the rain sensor not been activated. Surely that’s not the case… I would expect these messages only on the specific days when I have Watering Times (Thu/Sat in my case).

Have I done something wrong?


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@ramblinwreck So what do you want after your free T-shirt? Don’t worry we will send you a nice care package with some swag. Yes, tracked this down to the firmware, this is something impossible to test with our continuous integration suite. Will fix it for next firmware release. Minor, so won’t go out for awhile.

Thanks again. Sending goodies your way.


Haha, thanks @franz!

@ramblinwreck This was fixed last week. Thanks again!

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