Reasonable for a Gen 2?

Hi All,

I’m looking at picking up a Gen 2 with the Amazon sale this weekend. I do have a couple of questions that I’m hoping you all might be able to help me with before I proceed. Here’s a picture of how the zones are laid out right now, with dots representing heads.

The entire area being watered is grass. I’d like to get a Gen 2, but I’m not sure how it’d work out for me. Unfortunately, the contractor that originally installed the system years ago just eyeballed it. I’m not in a position right now to re-engineer the zone layout, but I could definitely swap some nozzles.

The way the system was put together, all of the zones intentionally overlap so there is coverage throughout. For instance, Zone 2 heads overlap spray with both zones 1 and 3. Here are some notes on the zones:

Zone 1 is 2/3 under a large tree (shady) and 1/3 sunny

Zone 2 is moderately sunny

Zones 3-5 take a beating from the sun, being south-facing and in direct sunlight. Also, in between zone 5 & 4 is the top of my septic tank. There’s only 6-8" of dirt on top of the tank and given the heat generated by a septic, it’s always drier than everything around it.

Will a Gen 2 help me out enough to justify the cost given the significant zone overlap and variation in conditions, if I’m not in the position to re-engineer the head and zone placement right now?


Well, I think you can always gain more water effeciency over a dumb controller if you use one of the flex options. I think 6 inches of dirt is enough to keep grass growing if you set the root depths for both of these zones to 6 inches (not ideal).

What you will gain out of the iro regardless of head placement is proper watering technique in a fire and forget method, remote control and some auditing…then you will be able to identify which heads need to be moved down the road.

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This large a layout begs for a “Catch cup” study. Check out the catch cup discussion. Catch Cups


You are right but his/her hesitation at having to move heads around made me a little shy at recommending that out of the gate.

But @elad, he is right, you will be able save even more water with that data.

If moving heads is out of the question, changing the type of head and distance they cover is the next best option.