Read-only mode for app?

I just installed my Iro and it was easy to do, really looking forward to the usability this adds!

I have a suggestion I’d like to make to enhance the app. It looks like once you log into the app on your smartphone it stays logged in. I hate to be paranoid about this, but if I was to lose my phone I’d hate to have someone decide it would be fun to run my sprinklers for hours. I do have a password on my phone, but if I’m using it and set it down it stays unlocked for a few minutes.

Right now the only way I see to prevent this is to log out of the app. I think there is use for a middle ground, a read-only mode, where I can set up the app to allow me to read settings (history, zone setup, what the current runtimes are, etc) at any time but if I want to change something or run a schedule manually I need to enter my password.

@mikeT Thanks for the feedback. Interesting idea, luckily we haven’t had to deal with this issue yet :wink:

Until we can provide something closer to what you are requesting, if you did lose your phone just let us know ( and we can change your security credentials that would essentially disable any access to your device.

Thanks and have a great night!