Random Watering During Cycle

A feature that randomly turns on and off the desired watering zones based on the total time of the watering cycle. For example, I know Rachio randomly chooses zones so they aren’t back to back preventing some “water run off” but let’s say you are running each zone for 1 hour. Why not allow Rachio to start and stop each zone during the zone watering cycle watering at intervals of like 5 minutes but eventually completing the entire watering schedule. I hope this makes sense.

@DavidGPope - that is what is known as “Smart Cycle” in the Rachio application. If one selects a slope for a zone (even if the zone isn’t actually on a slope) and the schedule does not contain any drip or mister heads Rachio will water for a certain amount of time and then let it rest for 30 minutes.


I don’t see the “Smart Cycle” option. I have a GEN 1 product. Am I just not looking hard enough? Thanks!

@DavidGPope - it is not a Gen 1 vs Gen 2 issue.

a) Rachio doesn’t smart cycle if there are bubblers, emitters or misters in the schedule (not zone by zone, but the entire schedule). Are there any bubblers, emitters or misters in the schedule? If so, put them on their own schedule.

b) There needs to be a slope on the zone. Are there slopes defined for the zone(s).

I can’t remember if there is a specific slider for this or not and if it is only on the Web version or not. @mckynzee, can you specify if there is a specific slider button in the application and where it is or if it is auto-magic?

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You would see the Smart Cycle toggle when editing a schedule!!