Rainfall and scheduled watering

Hello all,

I have a weather intelligence question as a large rainfall occured this evening from a thunderstorm, will the scheduled watering stil occur in the morning as I still see it as scheduled? I have the setting at greater than 1 mm.


It depends. Thunderstorms are difficult since they can be extremely isolated. One weather station could pick it up, while surrounding ones may never measure any rainfall.

That out of the way, if you’re using a Gen 3 and you’re set to Weather Intelligence+ and one of the stations (and maybe other sensor technologies) near you measured rain, Intelligence+ may interpolate rain at your location causing a skip for Fixed schedules or add rain amount to your soil moisture budget if using Flex. If you’re set to a personal weather station or even an NWS/NOAA station (Gen 2 or 3), it would have needed to be lucky enough to be hit by the storm. If your preferred weather station is in your backyard and you’ve set your preferred weather station to it, then you’re good to go unless there’s an issue with the rain gage or reporting software.


I changed weather station to something more local and it detected the rainfall and now it states a schedule skip. All is good :slight_smile:


Awesome! I think the soil moisture chart for zones with Flex schedul records Eligible rain in real time (well, close enough) too.

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Although it hasn’t rained here in months so my memory is likely very wrong :-p


I haven’t played around with the flex schedule and the rainfall amounts… Will do soon

I always recommend a PWS for better accuracy and more timely data. Very soon we will be releasing PWS auto-healing healthchecks :wink:


Pardon me, what is a PWS?

@Jrmtl - PWS is a personal weather station