Rained all day yesterday, going to rain all day today. Rachio watered my lawn :(

Live in Colorado - 80640.

It rained all day yesterday and will probably rain all day today.

I overseeded my lawn about a week and a half ago and have my Rachio scheduled to run each zone for about 8 minutes in the morning everyday. Weather Intelligence set to 1/4 inch and I have it set to use data from nearby personal weather station (Station:MID_NEMP4 distance 2.02mi).

My schedule ran today, my schedule ran yesterday. Honestly I am a bit frustrated. What is the point of having a smart irrigation controller if its watering my lawn while its raining?

Precipitation yesterday was .6 inch - I would imagine today will be about the same.

Can you let me know what is going on? Any more info needed let me know.


Just checked my history…

Schedule was not skipped because station MID_NEMP4 observed 0.0 and predicted .06in of precipitation…

Guess the guys at station MID_NEMP4 are on vacation.

Hi @djkms, thanks for reaching out.

I’m sorry to hear the Iro didn’t skip your watering time as you had expected. As you noted,

it sounds like the PWS isn’t recording any precip. If you could send me an email to support@rachio.com, I’d be happy to work with you on support. I’d recommend we switch to a NWS (National Weather Station) and double check your Weather Intelligence/Virtual Rain Sensor sensitivity settings.

Thanks, Emil

Thanks for the reply. Obviously this is something that is/was out of Rachio’s control. I have switched it over to a NWS, hopefully this solves the problem.

You guys have been fantastic, sorry for getting frustrated.

Here we are in Cali finally getting multiple days of rain. To my surprise my already soggy lawn is being watered by Rachio.

I am very frustrated and disappointed with this controlled. When I first got the controller and set it up in March it all just worked (made adjustment in water time correctly and skipped any rain).

My controller has been a mess every since the iphone/ipad app was updated. I called tech support but they have been no help.

I have no idea why it was watering this morning, given I received the “Your next watering will be skipped due to rain” email, the app shows rain for today, and it has been raining for days.

Sorry to hear you are having issues, I’m having the support team review your account and will let you know what we find.

Thanks and have a great day!


Wow, so this was a great find.

No clue how this wasn’t found over the last 2 years since our rain delay process has run hundreds of thousands of times :wink:

We did correctly schedule a rain delay for you by predicting rain but it was for yesterday morning. Your schedule is on an interval 3 (every 3 days) and the logic in the firmware uses the schedule’s start time to determine if it is the right interval day to run. Our cloud based rain delay job was incorrectly choosing schedules to determine rain delay if they had been created within one hour of when the schedule was supposed to run based on its start hour. I know, very confusing. The net of it was the rain delay job in this case was one day behind.

We haven’t seen this yet because the chances of all those things happening is very, very small.

Sorry for the confusion. The problem has been fixed so that for this edge case the rain delay will always coincide with the true schedule start date.

I’m going to PM you a link so you can get a Rachio T-shirt :sunny:

Take care and thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you have any other issues please let us know and we will do our best to resolve as soon as possible.



I haven’t been receiving updates on my Android phone so just by curiosity logged in. It just so happens that we had rain in Los Angeles yesterday for most of the day. Rachio indicated that the last rain was on Monday 2/15/16 and the next scheduled watering would take place today.

I just manually skipped today. In the past with rain this significant I recall Rachio skipping more than a day. It there a way to refresh weather or something to that affect?

Thank you,

Not really a way to refresh weather. It seems like in this particular case the weather station being used might not have been reporting the correct precipitation. In those cases, you can always try selecting a different weather station. If you feel it is faulty, you can reach out to [support@rachio.com] to check it out.

Hope this helps.


Hi Franz,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

It looks like Rachio refreshed as of 6:00am and my watering was not scheduled until 7:00. So all is OK.

Does this sound right?

Thanks again,

Yes, sorry for the misunderstanding. We check one hour before the schedule is supposed to run, and will skip the schedule if the threshold is met for precipitation.

Glad all is OK.