Rained 3" but still watered every day

Hi - On Sunday/Monday this week, it rained almost 3", as reported by my Netatmo, which I have registered as a personal weather station. I’m on Flex Daily, but the very next day, Rachio still ran a full watering schedule. The PWS shows 2.67" of rain on Sunday. Clay / loam soil, in the central midwest. I submitted a ticket with support 3 days ago, but no response from them yet.

Any ideas on why the system is still watering, despite receiving 3" of rain a day earlier?

Can you post your moisture details? That should let us know the amount of precip that Rachio thought you got.

Your root zone depths are shallow for cool season grass. Our default is 6 inch but on one of the zones it is only 2.5 inches. No matter how much precipitation you get we top out at 110% of soil moisture, and since your roots are so shallow the system will want to water shortly after.