Rainbird Valve not activating

I have the Rachio Gen 1 16 station unit. All zones work fine, all of which are lawn genie valves with 24v round solenoids. The one Rainbird valve with an hexagonal valve labeled 24v will not activate with the Rachio. I have checked it multiple times with the old irrigation controller and it activates just fine. Is there a chance that Rachio does not activate some 24v solenoids?

I have these and they activate.

Have you tried plugging that zone into a different slot on the rachio to rule out a bad rachio?

Yes, I’ve tried multiple spots, it’s the only zone that won’t activate no matter which zone I assign it to. All other valves activate fine. It activates as normal when I utilize the old controller too…

Replacement says it's watering, but it's not see if that helps.

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Yes, it’s probably the solenoid. I have the same valves and the replacement solenoid can be purchased at most Home Depot for $9. The part number is Rainbird SRKCP. If you have an ohm meter test the solenoid in question and if it registers less than 40 then all the coils in the solenoid are not working. This would cause it not to open.

Ok, I will get a ohm meter to test it. Why would it work just fine with the old controller? I’ve verified it working fine multiple times on the old controller after attempting to get it going with the Rachio.

Voltage is the same on both solenoids but it could be something as simple as amperage.

Sounds like this is a DV valve. Go down to an irrigation supply house and buy a new DV valve (it is cheaper to buy a whole valve than just the solenoid). Replace the solenoid. Good idea to buy some fresh waterproof wire nuts. There are plenty of good irrigation distributors around the country that sell to homeowners and happy to give you advice.

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