Rainbird to Rachio setup issue

I’ve setup the Rachio as per the instructions. However, the watering doesn’t get activated. Attached are the wiring diagrams from both the systems – Rachio and Rainbird. Pls advise.

The only thing I don’t see is a COM on the valve side of the Rachio. Having said that, your Rainbird set up is a lot newer than the one I replaced (mine was from 2002). I also do not have any sensors set up.

What I am not sure is are the COM’s on the sensor side and the valve side connected internally. If they are then I am probably just a noob talking out loud.

-Ray (aka HairlessBeachApe)

Do you have a master valve? There’s a wire connected to that port on Rachio. If you have a master valve, be sure you configure that in the Rachio app under the More… tab and Controller settings and Advanced Wiring settings.

Hello, yes. The black wire is connected to M and the app is configured to use Master-valve in the advanced settings.

Is there a common wire or a second wire to the master valve? It may need to be connected to a common port on the Rachio. Check the MV’s common wire, in general. That’s all I got, besides trying a different common port. Someone else with more experience will need to step in from here.

connected to the exact same ports as the rainbird. not sure if there is a second wire.

Not knowing exactly what sensory you have…One leg of the wired sensor needs to be connected to the 24vac. I’m assuming it isn’t a powered sensor, so you would want one of the legs on the -24vac. Shouldn’t matter which one, it is only acting as a common wire for the sensor.

Only other thing I can say, is that the MV needs to have a common wire, but since there doesn’t look like a dedicated one with the Rainbird, I’ll assume it is mated to the zone common wire.

I’ve tried this and removed the variable (rain sensor) from the equation totally. This doesnt help either… will mostly return as the setup doesnt work rightaway in my case… Thanks to everyone for the response and suggestions.

I would move to the common right next to the M terminal. Also notice you have wires loose in your Rainbird Pic so can’t tell how your RB was totally connected.

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